Fidelity has agreed that it will not increase your overall charges for a minimum of 12 months following the transfer of your investments to Fidelity. However, Fidelity has a different set of charges that will apply to your investments.

For ISA holders, Junior ISA holders, Flexible mortgage ISA holders and Investment Account holders only;
At Legal & General you pay one charge for your investments, which includes a service charge and an investment charge; when your investments are transferred to Fidelity, you will be charged a separate service fee and a separate investment charge.

If you hold a Cash ISA, a Matured Fixed Term Investment or a Matured Fixed Term Deposit Investment product:
Currently Legal and General do not charge anything on cash deposits that we hold on your behalf, and at the date of transfer to Fidelity that will not change. However, if you subsequently decide to invest in alternative investments you will be charged Fidelity's service fees. 

Fidelity's service fee covers the cost of setting up and administering your Fidelity account. This fee is taken from your cash account. Fidelity’s service fee for managing your Fidelity investment products are set out in the tables located in your 'Transferring to Fidelity - Important Information Booklet' under section B2. 

We're unable to provide specific charge figures as the service fee you pay will depend on three things; the amount you have invested, whether you invest with or without a regular savings plan and the product that you hold. 

Fidelity will not charge a service fee on Junior ISA accounts or cash deposits that it holds on your behalf within the Cash Management Account or Cash Within Your Account. Please see sections 1 and 2 of the Doing Business with Fidelity booklet and clause 5 of Fidelity’s Client Terms within the booklet for further details about Fidelity’s charges.

Investment charges 
These are the costs associated with investing money in your chosen fund. These will include the ongoing charges figure (OCF) associated with each fund and the transaction costs and are taken from the funds directly. 

If the effect of these charges mean that you would pay more for your investments than you paid with us before the transfer, Fidelity will put a maximum cap on your charges (or dis-apply parts of your charges) for the first 12 months so that the charge you will pay will be no higher than you would have paid with us. Fidelity will provide you with advanced notice of any changes to the charging structure that will apply to your investments after the first 12 months. Fidelity’s current standard fees as at February 2021 are illustrated in the table of service fees located on page 6 of the 'Transferring to Fidelity Important Information booklet'. 

All documents and more information on the transfer of the personal investments business to Fidelity can be found here